Power Automate

With Microsoft Power Automate, you can automating processes, tasks, and approvals across everyday apps and services. Gather data, get notifications, generate records, synchronise files, and so much more.

Even for the most cumbersome business tasks, getting all the cogs in your machine working together can be a time-consuming prospect that demands plenty of manual input.

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What is Power Automate?

Power Automate—previously known as Microsoft Flow—is a business process management software (BPMS). It’s a solution that seamlessly integrates with hundreds of commonly used applications to bring ease, efficiency, and consistency to whatever workflows are critical to what you do.

You’ll have access to hundreds of ready-made templates and all the tools needed to build effective, automated workflows that bridge the gaps between your applications.

The software is a cloud-based online service used across a range of devices, including Power Automate desktop and Power Automate for mobile. From there, you can build and manage multi-step workflows to cover all manner of everyday business needs. This could be anything as simple as sending push notifications to a mobile device or automatically sharing files between emails and cloud storage. Meanwhile, you could use MS Power Automate to gain valuable insights through the automatic collection of customer data and feedback.

The result is a more productive organisation at every level. Your business can recuperate time spent on repetitive, low effort tasks and instead focus resources where they matter most.

Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform combines PowerApps, Power BI and Power Automate, and integrates with both Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365.

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Features of Power Automate

Power Automate connectors are central to how the software works. You can select from almost 300 predefined connectors or create your own, each made up of three key components:

  • Triggers – these determine the moment that starts the workflow. Triggers are set to occur at the press of a button, at a scheduled time or whenever an event takes place, such as when a file is uploaded.
  • Actions – these are the events you’d want to take place as a response to the triggers. This could be anything from sending out push notifications to storing data.
  • Connections – these are needed whenever the workflow crosses between two or more applications. They automatically share credentials between apps or services and are encrypted via Microsoft security.

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If you’re looking to implement Microsoft Power Automate for your business, we’re here to help. As a Microsoft Gold Partners, we can advise on best practice and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Benefits of Power Automate for Businesses

Boost productivity

No matter the size of your business, you’re bound to encounter tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming but essential. Therefore, Microsoft’s Power Automate flow empowers your employees to focus their energy where it makes a difference. As a result, you’ll do away with unending manual admin yet have complete confidence that crucial processes are handled correctly.

Streamline processes and tasks

With automated multi-step workflows in place, you can ensure consistency and punctuality across your business processes. In addition, automation means minimal hold-ups, and there’s less waiting around for manual inputs or approvals.

Integrate workflows

Power Automate lets you seamlessly and securely connect everyday services, from Microsoft business applications to Dropbox, Twitter, GitHub, and more.

Stay accessible

With hundreds of templates and a simple, user-friendly interface, just about anybody can get to grips with Microsoft’s Power virtual agent. There’s little to no coding experience required to put together effective and efficient workflows.

Track performance

Power Automate’s built-in flow checker monitors the health of your workflows in one place. In turn, you’ll get alerts for any performance issues and receive guidance towards a solution.

Be futureproof

Microsoft is continually growing the list of apps and services that work alongside Power Automate. So whatever comes next, you’ll be ready to update and integrate your organisation’s automated workflows.

We welcome enquiries from companies of all types and sizes and are always happy to discuss your IT requirements, answer your questions, and provide expert advice.

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Why choose Fabric as your Power Automate provider?

The Fabric IT team has a wealth of experience in implementing software like MS Power Automate. We’ll work with your existing IT infrastructure to ensure you get the very best out of the product, then offer ongoing support wherever and whenever your business needs it.

We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner. As such, we can help you implement software across your business and provide ongoing support, including any Power Automate training. You’ll also get:

  • A dedicated account manager, always providing a single point of contact.
  • 24/7 monitoring, spotting potential problems early.
  • Support with scalable solutions, empowering your growing business.
  • Maintenance, carried out remotely to ensure minimal downtime.

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Whether you’d like to discuss Power Automate pricing or are looking into a broader IT business solution, we welcome enquiries from organisations of all types and sizes. Our expert services cover everything from cloud services to security and IT support, so don’t hesitate to contact us online now or call 01625 443 100.

We welcome enquiries from companies of all types and sizes and are always happy to discuss your IT requirements, answer your questions, and provide expert advice.

Ready to implement Microsoft Power Automate?
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or call 01625 443 100.