Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory

Simplify Cloud User Access. Your teams need access to multiple apps and data in the cloud. With Azure™ Active Directory, they only need one efficient and secure ID.

Why Azure Active Directory?

Configured and managed for you by Fabric, Azure Active Directory is a complete identity and access management system for cloud. It gives you the tools you need to easily manage users and groups. And you can secure thousands of Microsoft and non-Microsoft cloud applications with a single, multi-factor authenticated sign-in.

Management is simpler, security is tighter, and productivity is boosted.

Fewer passwords, more productivity

The number of apps your teams use keeps growing – and so does the number of sign-ins they need to use. More sign-ins means more time spent forgetting and resetting passwords, more user management effort, and greater management costs. All of which amount to lost productivity.

Fabric can help you improve the security and cost-efficiency of your user access systems, with Microsoft® Azure Active Directory.

Simple. Secure. Time-saving.

  1. A better user experience

    Give your staff one secure ID to access thousands of cloud apps. Less time is wasted on signing in and forgotten credentials. Fabric can set it all up for you.

  2. Delegate user management

    Save time on user access management. Delegate important tasks, like regular password changes and group management, to your users.

  3. Stronger security

    Use Azure multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised access. And receive machine learning-based reports that identify inconsistent access patterns.

Talk to a cloud expert

The Fabric team can set up your Azure Active Directory quickly and smoothly. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have deployed hundreds of solutions across the UK. Talk through your cloud user access needs today.