Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection

Protect data everywhere. Keeping data secure, in and outside your business, is a top priority. Now you can easily add persistent protection to files you send anywhere.

Sharing or security? Choose both.

Email attachments and cloud collaboration have become essential to your daily work. But while it’s great to share files among staff, customers and partners, you wish you could retain control of sensitive data. The problem is that once you’ve click Share or Send, the security horse has bolted – hasn't it?

Fabric can help you take unprecedented control of your data, inside and outside your organisation, with Microsoft® Azure™ Information Protection.

Why Azure Information Protection?

Configured and managed by Fabric, Azure Information Protection enables you to classify, label and protect your emails and documents. It’s a cloud-based solution that integrates with Office 365® and your other Microsoft cloud services, so you can take control within the apps you use every day.

You have greater peace of mind on data and document access than ever before.

Breakthrough data and file protection

  1. Keep data protected

    Embed persistent encryption keys in files you share, using easy-to-apply rules. You maintain control over access and use, wherever your files are shared.

  2. Collaborate more securely

    Choose what staff, customers and partners can do with data and files you share – e.g. allowing or disabling email forwarding, printing, editing and more.

  3. Track and control shared data use

    Powerful reporting lets you track activity on files you share with others. And you can revoke access, even on files emailed outside your organisation.

Talk to a security expert

The Fabric team is here to help protect your files with Azure Information Protection. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have deployed hundreds of IT solutions across the UK. Talk through your data security needs today.