Microsoft Cloud App Security

Cloud App Security

Stay in control of your cloud. The more cloud apps and storage you use, the more security risks grow. Understand threats and get the world’s best security, with Microsoft® and Fabric.

Why Cloud App Security?

Set up and supported by Fabric, Microsoft Cloud App Security is a complete solution that helps you stay in control as your business moves further into the cloud. It increases visibility of your cloud apps and activity, strengthens data security, and provides helpful tools for dealing with risks and threats.

You can view and manage your cloud with certainty and an expert set of tools.

Looks like rain?

Your business is increasingly reliant on cloud apps and storage. Research shows many employees use unapproved software-as-a-service (SaaS) for company work. And the security of public cloud services is outside your direct control. How can you monitor how your business is really using cloud – and protect against threats?

Fabric can help you implement industry-leading cloud protection, with Microsoft Cloud App Security.

Powerful automated security

  1. Risk-assess your cloud

    Cloud App Security identifies every cloud application in your network, on every device. You can see a risk assessment score and analytics for each app.

  2. Control data access

    Use data sharing and loss prevention (DLP) policies, or granular settings, to control the data your cloud apps can use. Fabric can help you set up your policies.

  3. Protect against threats

    Cloud App Security uses behavioural analytics and anomaly detection to detect threats, and automatically protects your cloud apps against them.

Talk to a cloud security expert

The Fabric team is here to help your business gain more control with Cloud App Security. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have deployed hundreds of solutions across the UK. Talk through your cloud security goals today.