Hosted Backup

Hosted Backup

Simple, Automatic and Reliable Cloud Based Backup to keep your business data protected. Cloud Backup is a highly compelling alternative to tape.

Not just Backup but a Backup strategy

Our technical consultants will spend the time required with each client to understand their overall backup requirements as part of the development of an overall Backup strategy.

Backup with Ease

The Fabric cloud backup solutions provide assurance that servers, applications & data can be restored in a loss / failure situation. Our cloud backup options provide a cost-effective alternative to legacy on-premise backup with a greater emphasis on continuity and recovery.

With cloud backups being delivered to off-site storage, we can provide recovery options for all failure & disaster scenarios, including a full loss of site situation.

Fabric Cloud Backup Benefits

  1. Compliance made easy

    Fabric Cloud backup support both short term and long term retention options.  Many of our clients are required to store data for up to 10 years and this includes their backup data.  Up to 9999 recovery points can be set per protected instance.

  2. Security you can trust

    All backup data both in transit and in storage is encrypted.  Data in transit is secured using AES256.  Only Fabric staff and our clients have the passphrase required to unlock their data.

  3. Round the corner or round the world.

    As with our Hosted servers hosted backup can be situated in Data Centres in the UK, Ireland and throughout Europe and the rest of the world.  This allows customers to place their data in the correct jurisdiction and provides options for business continuity in even the most extreme circumstances.