Hosted Servers

Hosted Servers

Scalable, Flexible and Cost Effective servers hosted in Microsoft Azure Data Centres, Managed by Fabric, what could be better.

We don't do off the shelf, We do made to measure

From the point, you require a cloud server we conduct a complete assessment of your specific needs and provide fixed upfront costs, we then plan a migration to ensure the least amount of impact to your business, we then provide monitoring and support for the life of the server to ensure your server support your business in the best way possible.

Servers made Simple

Hosted Servers are simply servers which physically reside outside the customer’s premises. They offer all the same features and capabilities provided by on-premises hardware, but in addition they deliver flexibility and resiliency that cannot be matched for the price.

Fabric Cloud Servers are virtual servers provisioned within the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. Servers within Windows Azure are accessed over the internet using virtual private networks and encryption for security.

Hassle Free Servers From Fabric

  1. Scale with ease

    Cloud servers can be rapidly re-configured to match organisations changing needs. They can even be scheduled to only be active for specific periods of time to ensure monthly costs are minimised.

  2. Tailored to you

    Multiple options exist when provisioning each server. A range of processor, disk, RAM and bandwidth options can be tailored to exactly the right server solution to meet individual requirements.

  3. Round the corner or round the world.

    Cloud Servers can be situated in Data Centres in the UK, Ireland and throughout Europe and the rest of the world. This allows customers to place their data in the correct jurisdiction and provides options for business continuity in even the most extreme circumstances.

Speak to a Hosting Expert

As Microsoft Gold Partners who have migrated thousands of people to the cloud we know a thing or two about hosting, so if you have a hosting requirement get in touch with us today