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How We Support GDPR

Supporting your GDPR compliance

All the personally identifiable information (PII) you hold is now covered by the new EU General Data Protection Regulation. Ensuring that you comply with GDPR is essential, urgent - and simple with Fabric's expert support.

How can Fabric assist your GDPR?

  1. Initial data audit

    We'll start by helping you to assess what personally identifiable information (PII) you have, wherever it lives - in the cloud, on servers, on computers, tablets and phones, on removable media, on emails, in backups or on paper. We'll also assist you in securely disposing of data you don't need.

  2. Project Plan

    For continuing GDPR compliance we'll help you classify your data in the most effective way for your needs. Create a single, updatable database, recommend a system that works your way - whether it uses your existing resources or involves switching to a fully integrated ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. We'll establish key deliverables and a clear implementation schedule.

  3. Implementation

    We'll ensure that implementing your new data management system causes minimal disruption and is completed on schedule. You'll notice the difference when you see how quickly and simply you can respond to data subject requests.

  4. Training

    Everyone involved in your organisation needs to know what GDPR is, what it means and what their role is to ensure compliance. We'll train your staff to use your new system so this can happen as smoothly and effectively as possible.

  5. Process data with confidence

    The GDPR lists six lawful reasons for processing someone's data. We'll make sure your team is fully aware of these. Essential, because at least one must apply in every case.

  6. Final check and sign off

    With your solution in place, we'll check that there are no teething troubles or minor glitches before sign off.

Talk to a GDPR Expert

The Fabric team is here to help you with your GDPR compliance. We have the knowledge and skills in various different industry sectors to make sure you're well within any new legislation.