Microsoft Delve - Find your data’s hidden depths

When you have terabytes of storage, valuable data is easily buried. Delve resurfaces content that’s relevant to your teams, and helps your staff connect in new ways. Fabric can help you Delve deeper

Rediscover your data

If yours is like many modern businesses, you have terabytes of data you rarely look at. Even though your storage includes content that could be useful today, there’s just too much to wade through. You need a way to extract the value of stored data, so your people can put it to work.

Setup and managed by Fabric as part of Office 365, Microsoft® Delve helps your teams rediscover relevant data.

Why Delve?

Delve is a way to break down your storage silos. It helps your teams discover content and people relevant to them, even within massive data volumes. Your staff can also use Delve to share their work across the business, helping teammates get to know each other and encouraging collaboration.

Your stored files and data are more valuable with Delve.

Get more from your data and people

  1. See personalised content

    Delve finds personalised content from across Office 365, for each member of your team, based on what they’re working on and who with. Access rules are respected.

  2. Break down silos

    Once your storage reaches the terabytes, finding and organising files becomes difficult. Delve helps staff quickly find recent content, related content, and colleagues’ work.

  3. Build team relationships

    Staff can use Delve to share their work and raise their profile within your business. These profiles help staff learn about each other and build stronger relationships.

Talk to a storage expert

The Fabric team is here to help you get more from your storage with Delve and Office 365. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have deployed hundreds of IT solutions across the UK. Talk through your storage and teamwork needs today.