Microsoft Identity Manager

Microsoft Identity Manager

Simple, secure access management. You want to empower staff to work flexibly while keeping systems secure. Fabric and Microsoft® Identity Manager provide simple, cloud-ready control.

Having a user identity crisis?

Your business uses multiple secure systems, both on-premises and in the cloud. Each has its own sign-in system, with its own set of role-based permissions. This makes user access costly and difficult for you to manage. And users are more likely to forget and re-use passwords, leading to lost productivity and weaker security.

Fabric can help you consolidate user access in one highly secure system, with Microsoft Identity Manager.

Why Microsoft Identity Manager?

Configured and managed by Fabric, Microsoft Identity Manager is an identity and access management solution for on-premises and cloud IT systems. It consolidates multiple user IDs in a common identity. So it’s easier for you to manage, and for your staff to use.
Security is stronger, access management is more efficient, and less working time is wasted.

Secure, flexible and cloud-ready

  1. Simplify with one common identity

    Give users a single secure ID for all your heterogeneous on-premises and cloud systems. They have fewer credentials to remember, and you have fewer to manage.

  2. Save management time

    MIM gives you tools for discovering and mapping permissions from multiple systems to individual, assignable roles. Setting user privileges is much easier.

  3. Strengthen security

    Multi-factor authentication helps prevent identity theft. In-depth reporting shows the full history of your identities, notifications and approvals. Security issues are more visible.

Talk to a security expert

The Fabric team is here to help you get the best value from Microsoft Identity Manager. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have deployed hundreds of IT solutions across the UK. Discuss your access management needs today.