Microsoft Planner

Team project management can be messy. But with Microsoft® Planner, tasks, chat and files are all beautifully coordinated. And Fabric makes it all easy.

Your best-fit project management system

With overlapping project teams working in multiple locations, project management can get a bit messy. You need a project management system that is powerful yet easy to use. One that your teams can access anywhere. And it would be nice if it integrated with the world’s most popular Office apps.

Fabric can make all this happen, with great setup and support for Microsoft Planner and Office 365.

Why Planner?

There are hundreds of project management tools out there, but only one connects seamlessly with your Office apps. Your teams can even work on Office docs together inside the Planner app. And as part of an Office 365 plan, it’s more economical than many standalone alternatives. With the quality of features and support you expect from Microsoft, Planner can cure your project headaches.

Simple. Powerful. Mobile.

  1. Manage project easily.

    Launch the app from Office 365, create a plan, add your team, assign tasks and update your status. Planner gives you deep control while being simple to use.

  2. Make teamwork transparent

    See your upcoming tasks, and see what your teammates are working on. Everything is easier to manage. And you can collaborate on Office docs right in the app.

  3. Collaborate across devices

    Your team don’t always work in the same room. But with Planner on mobile, they can still collaborate, talk, and keep their project work visible to the rest of the team.

Talk to an Office 365 expert

The Fabric team is here to help you transform your work systems with Planner. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have deployed hundreds of Office 365 solutions across the UK. Talk through your project management needs today.