Microsoft SharePoint Online

Empower your teams. You want your teams to collaborate effortlessly, with simpler workflows and collective knowledge at their fingertips.

A better corporate intranet

Fabric can provide the ideal solution with Microsoft® SharePoint Online.

Synchronised cloud storage is one thing. Organising all the content on it, while meeting compliance requirements, is another. Your teams need a handy place to see the latest relevant content and start collaborating on it right away. And they should be able to do that anywhere, on any device.

Fabric can set up and manage SharePoint Online so it does all of the above, and more.

Why SharePoint Online?

SharePoint Online is your mobile, intelligent intranet. With a dynamic SharePoint site for each of your teams, everyone can get the newest relevant docs, data, news and resources – anytime, on any device. SharePoint sites are also the ideal place to start collaborating. So, your teams can get to work faster and better together.

Get to work faster

  1. Collaborate seamlessly

    Staff can find the latest content on their team SharePoint site, and instantly start a real-time collaboration in Office 365 apps.

  2. Energise your teams

    SharePoint sites are dynamic, personalised intranets that keep everyone informed and engaged. Teams are more efficient and better connected.

  3. Simplify workflows

    You can use SharePoint to simplify and speed up systems like work approvals and forms. SharePoint digital workflows can increase productivity.

Talk to a cloud expert

The Fabric team is here to help you get the best from SharePoint and Office 365. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have migrated and configured hundreds of solutions across the UK. Talk through your team collaboration needs today.