Skype for Business

Skype for Business

Communication made amazing. It’s the Skype® you know, supercharged for business. Call, conference and collaborate on any device, with Office 365® integration and top security.

Much more than video calls

Is the traditional business landline starting to hold you back? You want one number for each department or staff member, with call answering on any device. You want super-reliable video conferencing with colleagues and clients. And you want advanced features like call queues and menus – all at low cost. Traditional landlines don’t cut it, but Skype for Business can.

Fabric can set up and support your ideal business phone system, with Skype for Business.

Why Skype for Business?

You may know Skype, but do you know Skype for Business? It adds powerful business phone features, conferencing, sharing and more. With Skype for Business you can have one simple infrastructure for all of your communication needs. And it integrates seamlessly with your Office 365 apps and tools.

A leap ahead of landlines

  1. Simplify infrastructure

    Hold meetings with colleagues across PC, Mac, telephone, iOS, Android and Windows devices. Take business calls on any device too. It’s incredibly flexible.

  2. Unite dispersed teams

    Skype for Business does every kind of meeting. Set up large broadcasts, collaborative sessions and phone conferences to bring your teams together.

  3. Cloud-power your phones

    Make, receive, and transfer business calls at work, at home, or on mobile. Manage cloud-powered call queues and multilingual menus from anywhere too.

Talk to a Skype expert

If you need great communications and business calls, Fabric can provide in-depth advice. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have deployed hundreds of Office 365 solutions with Skype for Business. Talk through your business phone needs today.