Fabric Voice

Cloud Based Phone systems are here to stay, and the Fabric Voice system is an award winning option

Phones without the hassle

Need a good reason to change your business phones? Try inclusive UK calls, voicemail to email, mobile twinning and more - all for a low fixed price. Reduce your landline bills by up to 75% with Delta Voice.

Why Fabric Voice

Configured and managed by Fabric, your phones come with the excellent service you have come to expect from IT services. Traditional on premise phone systems required a maintenance contract, ISDN lines and a costly install; with Fabric Voice you get all the features of enterprise phone system for one low monthly cost.

Mobile, Simple and All Inclusive

  1. Take your landline with you

    With Mobile apps for Apple and Andriod devices, you can make and receive a call whenever and wherever you are, being away from your desk no longer means being away from your phone.

  2. Simplicity is key

    Fabric Voice is so simple because handsets are the only equipment you need. That also makes it easy to set up, easy to scale, and easy to move to new premises.

  3. Press 2 for time-saving

    With Fabric Voice you get all the enterprise feature included. Voicemail to email, Check, Auto Attendant, Check, Mobile Twining, Check, The kitchen sink, Check.

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