Make social work and work social. Eclipse Facebook. Use the same kind of social messaging and sharing to empower your teams to connect and collaborate, with Microsoft® Yammer from Fabric.

Why Yammer?

Yammer is your corporate social network, empowering your staff to discuss ideas, share updates, and crowdsource answers from colleagues across your company. You can create project groups for your teams, highlight inspirational achievements, collaborate everywhere via mobile devices, and integrate with your Office apps. Fabric can set it all up for you

Your company’s social network

You want your teams to communicate and collaborate more easily, even though they aren’t always in the same office together. And you want your most exciting work and achievements to inspire the whole company. Social features are the ideal fit – and now you can build a private social network for your business.

Fabric can help your business get the most from Yammer, with smooth setup and fantastic support.

A better-connected company

  1. Add powerful social features to Office

    Talk, share content and work in groups using the familiar Office interface. You can securely include external partners when needed.

  2. Inspire new collaborations

    The Discovery Feed shows your staff what’s happening elsewhere in your business, so they can contribute ideas or get inspiration for their own work.

  3. Help teams stay connected

    Yammer mobile apps enable your teams to keep in touch and stay involved anywhere, even when away on business trips.

Talk to a cloud expert

The Fabric team is here to help you take full advantage of the cloud. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have deployed hundreds of Yammer and Office 365 solutions across the UK. Talk through your team collaboration needs today.