The Silver Solution

Everything you need to operate your practice as well as some security tools that allow us to protect your reputation.

The Silver Solution

Fabric IT and Thinkwild have joined forces to deliver a range of all-encompassing IT packages for a variety of budgets and requirements. Our Silver package is designed with no upfront costs and an ongoing per user per month fee.

In our Silver package we include everything you need to operate you practice from an IT standpoint as well as some security tools that allow us to protect your reputation.

  1. New Hardware

    We supply every user with a new desktop or laptop, with Think Fabric 365 silver we replace the hardware every three years to ensure you have kit that is up to the task. We know from years of delivering IT services to the legal industry that there is nothing worse than having old IT. Stop worrying about your IT budgets with Think Fabric 365 in the knowledge we will replace your device every three years as part of your monthly fee.

  2. Microsoft 365 Setup and Configuration

    We will review your existing environment and migrate you to Microsoft’s cloud platform, Microsoft 365. We will make sure your old environment is decommissioned correctly, and all your team are trained on how to use Microsoft 365.

  3. Email and Document Migration

    Before the decommissioning of your old environment, we will migrate all your emails and documents to Microsoft 365, so you can have a seamless transition.

  4. Office and Security Training

    All users will be given access to Clip training, our online training platform. Our Service Delivery Manager will work with the key stakeholders to identify relevant training and ensure your staff remain as productive as possible while learning new skills.

  5. Fabric 365 IT Solution

    Our Fabric 365 IT support solution has been developed on Microsoft’s Business Premium package to ensure you have the best in class IT infrastructure, we combine this with Unlimited Remote support.

  6. Dark Web Scanning

    Protect your users from a compromised password, with our Dark Web scanning service we will notify you as soon as your account becomes compromised to minimise the impact of any breach.

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