Dynamics 365 15 January 2018

What are the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Harness the power of the intelligent Microsoft cloud

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of business-enhancing technologies, harnessing the power of the intelligent Microsoft cloud. As one of the select few Microsoft Gold Partners, Fabric will design, install and implement a bespoke system that can integrate your organisation’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions within a single cloud-based system.

The technology can be tailored to any type or size of business using a suite of integrated mobile apps. Better still, it can grow and develop along with your business.

Proven globally by hundreds of businesses

That sounds impressive and there is a wealth of evidence that it works. At Fabric we have successfully implemented bespoke Dynamics 365 systems for hundreds of diverse businesses throughout the UK, and the technology is proven to deliver results all round the world.

One system, many benefits

Nevertheless it is a major investment, so what exactly are the benefits Microsoft Dynamics 365 can bring to your business? How, in short, will it pay for itself in improved sales and a faster growing business?

Connect all the key parts of your business

All your sales, marketing and other related data will available at a glance, viewable and ready to analyse by every stakeholder on the Dynamics 365 dashboard. Furthermore, Dynamics 365 can connect your newly integrated business functions with your Microsoft Office 365 applications, including Outlook and Excel – even LinkedIn.

Collaborate worldwide in real time

All the data is not only at your fingertips whenever you wish. It is also available throughout the world, connecting everyone involved and sharing information, so that informed decisions can be taken instantly.

Deepen customer relationships

Empower your sales force and other employees to deliver exceptional customer service – providing them with the tools and information they need to provide service that sells and delivers repeat business. Turn relationships into revenue.

Transform browsers into buyers

In store or online, create more engaging and rewarding customer journeys that gently coax them towards that all-important purchasing decision.

Take the guesswork out of ordering

Know who’s buying what and when, so you can avoid placing speculative ‘just in case’ orders.

Attain fresh insights

With all the data at your fingertips, you can analyse it at a glance. And Dynamics 365 doesn’t just provide raw data, it also analyses it and turns into practical insights to improve business performance.

Spot trends early

With smart customer intelligence and market knowledge, you can spot changing buying patterns and adapt to them with agility – giving you an extra competitive edge.

Work more profitably

Once all your CRM functions are integrated within Dynamics 365, with smarter customer intelligence, stronger relationships, more effective employees and improved sales, you are perfectly placed to see it all reflected in your bottom line.

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If you are ready to take your business to the next level and embrace the digital future, talk to Fabric IT about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can work your way.

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