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Rip Up Those Paper Timetables, Office 365 Staff hub Is Here!

There’s a digital answer to almost every business problem in 2017. But what about the humble bulletin board?

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Millions of frontline staff in restaurants, hotels, shops and other service roles still rely on paper notes, pinboards, and email for everyday communication. All those things can get lost and cluttered easily. And what if someone’s off sick?

Thankfully, there’s a great new solution to this problem. Microsoft has just announced StaffHub, a new Office 365 app that centralises all those frontline staff timetables, announcements and memos. And it lets staff access them all in one place, on mobile devices.

Sound useful? Let’s take a closer look.


No more timetable mix-ups

If your business is still using paper timetables and staff schedules, you’ll know how troublesome they can be. Staff can’t see changes or check their shifts unless they’re on-site, and that leads to mix-ups far too often.

New StaffHub solves this problem with digital timetables that are automatically shared across your team. It’s easier for managers to create timetables. And staff can check their shifts on their phone, any time. You can even request and manage shift swaps.

Goodbye, bulletin board

Notes pinned to old-style bulletin boards are the same as paper timetables. If an employee isn’t present, they just don’t see them.

With StaffHub, managers finally have a reliable way to distribute staff information. You can share news, training materials, documents, videos and more.

Instant messaging for the whole team

StaffHub isn’t just for management communications, either. Staff can instant message colleagues or the whole team, for example if they need assistance or to alert others of a problem.

Get started with staffhub

StaffHub is available now for Office 365 customers with K1, E1, E3 and E5.

If you need help to get started, you can talk to the Fabric team today. As Microsoft Gold Partners, it’s what we’re here for!

Watch a video about StaffHub below:

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