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Windows 7: Putting Business Security at Risk

Watch out: In January 2020, Windows 7 will no longer be supported. Could this compromise the security of your business?

Adam Gorton, Service Delivery Manager, Fabric

Windows 7 EOL

Gone are the days where people would queue up at stores to get their hands on the latest Windows upgrades. Windows has come along way since the release of Windows 95 over two decades ago.
With most devices now running Windows 10+, Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 will come to end of life (EOL).

Windows 7 is coming to the end of support on January 14th, 2020. So, what does this mean if you still have a device running Windows 7?

What will happen?

The short answer is that nothing will immediately happen. Windows 7 will continue to run, but will not have anything new introduced. This also means support for this operating system will come to an end. Microsoft will no longer offer technical support, software updates or security updates.

Windows 7 End of Life will put you at higher risk to any new security threats. Microsoft will no longer patch the system when new threats are detected.

What should be my next steps?

Here at Fabric IT, we advise you to plan an upgrade from your Windows 7 machine to Windows 10. If you are looking to upgrade, there are a few things to check before proceeding:

1. Minimum requirements

Ensure your device can upgrade to Windows 10 by checking the following link
If you are unsure what specification your machine is and need assistance, we can remote on to your device and assist.

2. Custom Software

Check that any specific software you have on your device is going to be compatible with the upgrade. This may require contacting the software supplier to get confirmation.

3. License Keys

If you have any software that will need to be reinstalled as part of the process, ensure you have any license keys before reinstalling.
The process of upgrading to Windows 10 can be done from your machine and with most upgrades will takes your files/folders to the new operating system as part of the process.
We can also assist with training on the newer system to ensure you are getting the most out of it.

Windows 7 EOL 2

To find out more about Windows 7 upgrades, get in touch here or give us a call on 01625 443110

Adam Gorton, Service Delivery Manager, Fabric

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