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Employee Benefits and Workplace Wellbeing

A strong, healthy team will be more motivated and above all; be happy in their work

Fiona Hawthorne, Office Manager, Fabric

Creating a Happy and Healthy Workplace Environment for Your Employees

The wellbeing of employees is vital in any organisation. Here at Fabric, we pride ourselves on encouraging our staff to stay as healthy and active as possible – which can be a challenge at times! Common sense tells us that drained and overworked staff will produce low quality work and display a lack of enthusiasm and teamwork. A strong, healthy team will be more motivated and much more likely to perform at their best, and above all; be happy in their work.

So, what are the benefits for the business?

Fewer Absences

Probably the most obvious; healthier people are less likely to be absent from work due to sickness, will recover quicker and are at less risk of long-term illness.

Better Business Performance

Productivity, staff morale and employee engagement will increase; while work-related ill health, sick pay and insurance costs will reduce. Less employee turnover and saving on recruitment costs will also come as a result of promoting good health habits.

Positive Public Image

Looking after employees can go a long way to demonstrating corporate responsibility. This means businesses will be more likely to portray a positive public image, which in turn comes across well to existing and prospective customers.

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The benefits for the all-important workers:

1. Improved Concentration

Reminding staff to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water (not just tea and coffee) will keep concentration at its best throughout the day. Although we all like the occasional fast food treat; encouraging the healthy lunch option will avoid that mid-afternoon slump.

2. Increased Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is more likely to come to those who are healthy in mind and body. Several workplace studies have proven that employers who actively focus on increasing job satisfaction will benefit from having engaged employees. Furthermore, they will have a better business and therefore, happy workers.

3. Improved Mental Wellbeing

Work-related stress and anxiety are proven to be the leading cause of sickness absences in Britain.

We let staff know they are cared for and valued by providing the following:

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A 24/7 Assistance Program for practical and emotional support;
Private Healthcare;
Encouraging physical activity by offering free, fully inclusive gym membership.
Getting employees out of the office whenever possible (a new thing here has been trying ‘walking’ meetings!)
Monthly one-to-one meetings with Line Managers – an opportunity to speak openly about any concerns, and another reason to get out of the office!
Free fruit on offer all week.

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Fiona Hawthorne, Office Manager, Fabric

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