Microsoft Office 365 News 1 February 2017

New Office 365 Update: Don’t Miss These 7 Great New Features

You know the problem with Office 365? It brings you new features so often, sometimes you can miss them!

Catherine Reveley

In September the Office 365 team announced another raft of useful new features, including ‘Tap’ intelligence, which are available now in the latest free updates for current users. Thankfully, we’ve rounded them up here so you can start using your favourites now.


‘Tap’ to add old content to new projects

Re-using effective images, text, charts other bits across multiple projects makes sense for most businesses. Finding the stuff you want to re-use in your own file structure? It’s rarely easy.

Tap is a new feature in Word and Outlook, which makes it easier to find and re-use your own content, and your co-workers’. Sounds pretty handy to us.

Read more about Tap


Beat blank canvas blues with quickstarter

Often, the slowest and most difficult part of a project is getting it off the ground. Where do you start when you’re staring at a blank page? With QuickStarter. This new feature uses data from the Web to provide an outline for your project based on the topic, so you can hit the ground running.

Watch a video about QuickStarter below.


Designer update banishes boring bullet

The PowerPoint feature ‘Designer’ can now recommend professional design options for lists – so no more boring old bullets!

Read more about Designer


Turn data into maps in excel

If you use geographic data in your spreadsheets, Excel can now present it visually in maps – and it’s easy to do.

Watch a video about maps in Excel below:


Create better work habits with MyAnalytics

To improve your productivity, you need insights on where you’re going wrong. New MyAnalytics measures how you spend time across email, meetings, working and more – and helps you adjust your work habits for the better.

Watch a video about MyAnalytics below:



New security enhancements

Finally, the latest Office 365 update includes improvements to Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and data governance. It also adds a new feature, Threat Intelligence, which helps you pro-actively uncover and defend against advanced threats.

If you like the sound of any of these new tools and enhancements, and you want to know more about using them, why not ask the Fabric team? It’s what we’re here for after all – contact us today.

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