News 28 August 2019

Why Should You Take Regular Screen Breaks?

Most of us are guilty of spending lunchtimes sat eating at our desk

Max Thompson, Systems Engineer, Fabric

Have you ever been sat at your desk concentrating on your work when you suddenly realise you’ve been sat there for several hours with no break?

As described in the Health and Safety – (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations Act 1992, a user should take a short 5-10-minute screen break after each 60-minute computing session.

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Our eyes naturally need the chance to refocus. Short eye breaks are much better for your optical health as well as preventing eyestrain and headaches. DSE users who sit in front of a screen all day are more likely to experience muscular aches and stiffness due to lack of movement and exertion. By taking a screen break, it allows users the chance to get up and walk around for a short time and even make a refreshment.

Another great reason to take regular screen breaks is that it will increase the flow of ideas coming from your mind. Taking a short break to make a cup of tea or to have a quick stretch will trigger endorphins inside your brain, which will make you feel better and stronger! Upon returning from your screen break, you will likely have a new-found motivation and drive to crack on with your work.

#1 tip: don’t wait until you feel fatigued from sitting in front of your screen for too long, after every hour, stand up and take a break from your screen. These regular breaks will increase productivity, make you feel more positive.

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Max Thompson, Systems Engineer, Fabric

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