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How to Add Emails to a Samsung Phone

Follow this simple guide to learn how to add your work emails to a Samsung phone.

Josh Kimpton, Systems Engineer, Fabric

You’ll have noticed that remote working is becoming more and more necessary for businesses across the globe. There are technical developments designed to make remote working as easy as possible. With solutions like Azure Active Directory and SharePoint, you can keep up with your work life and documents on the go, having your data saved in real-time through the cloud. Another major aspect of this flexible working set up Is having emails on your mobile phone.

One of the most popular Android devices is Samsung. This guide explains how to add your email to the native mail application on a Samsung device.

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Before we begin, your work email may run through an Exchange account or IMAP/POP3 account. The process is different for each of these so read the guide which is relevant for you. Check with IT support if you’re unsure.

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Adding an Exchange Account to an Android

In order to add your email account onto your android device, you’ll need to take the following steps.

1 – Firstly, go to settings, and to the ‘add account’ section.

Step 1 add your email in settings

2 – Secondly, enter your email address and password then tap the sign-in option in the bottom right.

Step 2 add your password

3 – Next, you’ll be prompted to select a type of account. If you are using an office 365 mail account, select the ‘Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync option’

Step 3 select your account type

4 – You will now be asked to confirm the settings and permissions that have been pre-set by the email application. Select, ‘Yes’.

Step 4 confirm settings and permissions

Your email account will now be set up within the Samsung email application.

Adding an IMAP or POP3 Account to an Android

If you are not using office 365 then you may have an IMAP or POP3 email account, this completely depends on the provider of the account. Providers include 123reg and, to get these added on the process is slightly more complex.

Firstly, you’ll need to go to your Samsung email application, from here go to settings and then add account. The same process as previously. However, when you reach the stage, you will need to enter your email address and password and select manual setup. Then you will need to select IMAP or POP3, depending on the type of mail account.

Once selected, you’ll have to input some server details, the details are as follows:

Incoming server settings:

Domain\username: Put your full email address within this box.

Password: Use your email accounts password.

Server: In this box, you will need to enter the incoming server address for your type of mail account. This is different depending on your provider, for example, 123reg’s incoming address would be, the best way to find this would be to google your providers email settings.

Port: Use 993 for IMAP or 995 for POP

Security Type: SSL/TLS or use secure connection (SSL) and tap next
Outgoing SMTP Server Settings:

STMP Server: Similar to the server address in the incoming server settings, you will need to look up your provider and select the correct address, following on from the example on 123reg, the SMTP address for this is

Security Type: Select TLS

Port Number: 587 and tap Next

You may then get some security prompts, just select yes or allow on these and set your display name, your display name is what this account will show as in your account list. I’d suggest ‘Work emails’ or ‘Personal Emails’

You should now be ready to use emails on your Android Device!

Josh Kimpton, Systems Engineer, Fabric

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